Earlier Works

For me, truth in art has always resided in the immediacy of simple lines drawn true.  These earlier works are primarily figurative comments on the human condition, especially cultural issues.

Herring Cove Series

This series is a response to my encounter with the battered body of a beached whale at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, MA.  Returning to my studio, I felt the need for a cathartic method to represent the profundity of this event.  I began by creating dense thickets of energetic charcoal markings.  Next, I sought latent forms within this chaos, defining and animating these ‘found objects’ with luminous pastels to create a sense of the sacred.

Constructed Worlds Series

This series seeks an uneasy balance between the micro and macro elements of our worlds.  The works are ‘constructed’ layer-upon-layer by combining varied mark-making strategies with paper inlays and collage.  I begin most pieces with a differentiated ground of boundless space created with veils of charcoal powder.  This expanse becomes a container for worlds within worlds composed of collages and inlays elaborated by layers of  drawing.

Current Directions

I continue to be fascinated by forms and complexities of the natural world that rarely admit the regularities of straight lines, orderly layers, and grids.  Having produced several bodies of work using the primacy of mark-making to represent natural principles, I seek to preserve the dynamism and mystery of my earlier bodies of work, while inventing new methods to uncover natural forces beyond my conscious awareness.